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24/7/365 days service availability

Our customer support team works 24 hours. One of our team’s priorities is to provide service throughout the day and night. Our customers can therefore call in anytime and they will be assisted. However there are instances that our site can be inaccessible to our customers: these are circumstances that are out of our control. In case of such instances the company will not be liable.

Here are additional cases that PersonalDissertation.com essay writing service will not be liable for:

Our site might incur technical problems without our knowledge. A notice might come late when the problem has already occurred. We only apologize for the inconvenience to our customers but the company is not liable.

We do not accept liability of any damages that will occur during the technical hitches you experience when trying to log into our site.


Plagiarism is not part of us. To prevent any spots of us producing plagiarized papers we recruit only professional writers. With professional writers chances of delivering plagiarized papers are very slim. Once writers are done with a paper, it is passed through stringent plagiarism checks. However we encourage students to request for further revisions of papers if they trace some plagiarized content.

Product use policy

The products in our company are referred to as the assignments we write. We term the assignments we write as reference pieces or research papers and not particularly the works of our customers. The customer’s order an assignment and we research on the topic. The end product is not credited to be the customers work.

We abide by the set copyright laws and we will not be reliable for any violation of the laws from our customers. We do not guarantee customers the grades to be awarded by their professors.

Refunds and revisions

Revision requests are valid up to 7 days after the paper is delivered to the customers. Customers are advised to request for a revision only if it is necessary. If further revisions have been done on your paper and the problem persists, customers are valid to obtain a refund.

When making a claim for refund, customers need to notify the company so as to begin the investigation process. If the claims are valid, customers are contacted and given the details on the date to get a refund. If the claim is not valid, a customer has to consider other appropriate alternatives.