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Refund policy

Was we would not wish to make it difficult for our customers; we have provided a refund policy in case something goes completely wrong. However it is unlikely for us to incur a case where customers request for refunds. We provide other favorable options for our customers. If the problem persists, we simply refund our customers. To prevent any problems with us in future, we insist that customers get to know how our refund policy works before ordering.

Instances where we can offer you a refund:

  • Where you placed an order and the writer did not adhere to. It becomes worse when the writer did not give an early notice to a customer. In such a case we will refund and apologize for any inconveniences. However these cases are very rare with us.
  • Where plagiarized content is frequently spotted in your paper
  • Where you are delivered with a paper written basing on instructions that you did not put forward
  • Where there are payment mistakes

Instances where we will not refund the customer:

  • You have received a poor grade
  • Where you attempt to make the product your own work and not as a reference or research work
  • Payment mistakes that occurred from your end
  • Where there was change of instructions contrary to your original order

Refund dispute process

Once a customer feels the problem has gone overboard, he or she has to notify the essay writing company. Contact the support centre informing them of your case and let us do a thorough investigation. Here are some of the steps of investigation your claim has to go through before giving you a refund:

Notify the support center and provide all the details they have to know concerning your claim. Provide all the significant information that will help a lot in the investigation. Involve your writers if possible if they are the cause of your problem. Remember to report your case early to allow the team to investigate and get back to you in time.

If your case is found adequate, our team will contact you and give you a way forward and date to receive your money back. The team will also contact you if they find your case not eligible for a refund. You should not lose hope when your case is found to be inadequate for a refund. Consider our editing and revision services. You are free to request for further revisions and editing on a paper.

If you have further questions on money back policy contact our support team and they will be glad to help.