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Privacy Policy

Genuine essay writing services have put a privacy policy in place to protect both the customer and the service itself. We do not want to be left out by any service; we too have provided a privacy policy for our customers.

Key principles guiding our privacy policy

  • Our main principle is to ensure our customers have useful information to influence their decision. Besides providing information, we also ensure that private details are kept confidential and free from any manipulation or exposure. Safety when accessing our site or information that they may need should not be compromised. We want our customers to feel any safe and protected when accessing our site at anytime or when submitting personal information to us.
  • When looking for an essay writing service you will need to submit your personal details. There are two forms of information an essay writing service would like to have: personal information and one that does not talk about your personal self. Personal information includes your name, home address and contacts. Other information that is required from customers is the type of browser site among others.
  • The above information can be shared to sanctioned third parties such as our affiliates and third party service providers.
  • The cookies feature allows our affiliate networks to collect our customer’s anonymous information for the purposes of advertisements and special offers.

Personal information PersonalDissertation.com collects from customers

This is information centers on the person him/herself. This is information that is only known to you and perhaps your close relations. Customers personal information is only required when they want to buy products from us or want to participate in interactive options such as surveys and promotions.

Type of personal information to provide:

  • Customer’s first name, address, zip, mail contacts, phone number and credit number.
  • Gender and age
  • General comments regarding our site

Non-personal information

  • IP location and address related to your browser
  • ISP
  • Operation system
  • Third party websites

Security of information

Our entire customer’s data at PersonalDissertation.com is protected using a Security Sockets Layer. The software encrypts customer’s data submitted to us. We guarantee our customers data protection; however there are some instances which we cannot warrant total safety. Our customers should always be aware when such instances occur. We simply apologize for any inconvenience and give a prior notice before the problem gets out of hand.

PersonalDissertation.com will not be responsible for any damage, theft and destruction of your personal information. If one of our customer’s personal information is destructed we highly regret but are quick to notify them via email or the address submitted when filling your personal information.

We advice our entire customers to keep on checking our privacy policy page for updates and amendments. Business practices change from time to time and you are likely to hear from us soon informing you about the changes we are putting in place. Once more remember to familiarize yourself with our privacy policy page to avoid future inconveniences.