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Term of Use

Our terms and conditions page is suppose to guide all our customers using our products.



  • All customers working with us and those looking forward to work with will adhere to our terms and conditions. Agreement therefore refers to the stated terms and conditions.


  • This is the premise that provides services to our customers. In this case, our premise is the company that provides writing assistance, research, revision formatting and other writing services as stated in our agreement.


  • This is the person who has a legal contract to carry out the writing tasks. The contract states whether the person is permanently employed by the company or on a periodical term.


  • This is the person who places an order to a writing company. The company in this case receives the order and delivers the customer with a product according to the instructions defined by the terms and conditions in the Agreement.


  • This is an online request that customers make to the company. Through their request they include their personal details and instructions to be used when writing paper.

Order status

  • This defines the progress of the online request you made to a company.


  • This is the paper that is sent to the customer via email, it is therefore in an electronic format.

Product revision

  • This is a revised version of the original paper.

Support team

  • This entails a group of people in charge of the order process until the paper is delivered to the customer. Besides that they handle other customer’s demands and queries.

Quality assurance department

  • This is the team that evaluates the quality of the product and services provided.

Messaging system

  • This is an online application that facilitates communication between the customer and writer.

Verification process

  • This is a process that every customer must carry out when billing to prevent fraud from occurring.

Store credit

  • A money account of the customer only within the company. Every customer is required to have one.

Nature of product and terms of usage

Our writing company has hired qualified experts to carry out services independently. The services offered should be used for references or part of research work. Customers on the other hand are prohibited from terming the work as their own.

The company only produces high quality papers but does guarantee students of the grades to get. The product is written basing on original instructions. Customers will be held liable when they provide unclear instructions.

The intellectual property is owned by the company which gives the customers exclusive rights to use the product which is limited for a period of six months. The company regains all the exclusive rights once the period expires.

Order process

The customer is required to fill the order form when in need of our services. The customers should provide valid email, phone number that is online each time. The customer must be very careful when filling the order form. Failure to fill the order form properly will amount to breach of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The company will only commence working on a customer’s order once the full payment has been made. The company has put a discount program in place to ensure customers pay a less amount than expected.

A warranty that is agreed upon by the company will be immediately breached of the derivatives are unclear and extra instructions are required to complete any order. Customers that fail to provide instructions within the designated time amount to violation of the terms and conditions by the customer. The company accepts all revision requests that are made by their customers for free. Customers who come with already written papers and request for a revision will be charged an additional fee.

Attempts to change original instructions in your order process amount to an additional fee. This is considered as editing by the company and customers will have to incur an additional cost.

Our writers are allowed to use appropriate sources during the writing process. Some of the sources include books, journals, newspapers, online publications and periodicals. If the customer requests for specific sources, the company will need the customer to provide a time schedule such as below:

  • 12 hours or less: all instructions and sources required within 20 minutes of order
  • 12-24 hours: all instructions and sources required within one hour of order
  • 48 hours-10 days: all instructions and sources required within 8 hours of order

Failure to deliver required instructions and sources within the stated deadlines constitute to violation of the terms and conditions.

It is the customer’s responsibility to select the appropriate academic level fit for the requested assignment. If the customer makes a mistake when submitting the order, he or she should get in touch with the support team for further guidance.

The customer is bound to check all the message notifications from the writer or the support team. The customer is free to provide additional requirements using the messaging system.

Our company has been granted the right of not to accept any orders that have contradicting details. This also applies to incomplete or incorrect description of a product, deadline extensions requests or dissatisfaction with writer level.

Customers are advised to stay in touch with their writers and monitor the progress of the assignments. Here are possible order statuses our customers will receive:

  • Order is not paid-the company has processed the order and is waiting for the customer to make payments.
  • Research has started-the order has been successfully processed and has become available for writers to select.
  • Preparing-an appropriate writer has been appointed for your order.
  • Order is completed-customers paper is complete and that he or she should download.
  • Revising the order-writer is revising the order.
  • Hold-the order has been put on hold by the support team because the writer temporarily paused the work. The customer should check messages in the personal profile for detailed information.
  • Cancelled-order was cancelled.

Delivery/downloading policy

The customer will be liable for any delays arising from the deliver such as incorrect mail, internet access problems, spam filters and abandonment of communications.

If the product is delivered on time, the company will not be liable for future failures that the customer will encounter.

Verification process

Our company is obliged by authorities to protect the credit card holders.

The company reserves the right to request the customer to provide photo-copy of customer’s credit card, photo-copy of customer’s passport or official ID and authorization code from the bank.

All the information that passes through the verification process shall not be exposed to third parties.

An order amounts to termination when the customer fails to cooperate with the writers during the writing process.

Revision policy

All customers are allowed to make free revision requests up to a period of 14 days. Thesis, dissertation, research abstract and proposals have a deadline period of thirty days. Customers should therefore make their revision requests early.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our company guarantees customers high quality papers. We guarantee our customers that we will deliver within the set deadlines and follow instructions to the latter.

Waiver of breach

All remedies stated in the Agreement will be taken and understood as cumulative.


The company has the right to amend or alter any provisions provided. Customers should check frequently for any changes and adhere to the new changes.