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Revision Policy

Offering a series of revisions is one of the things that PersonalDissertation.com does for customers. We understand that customers have different tastes and preferences. For this reason, there are customers who will be satisfied with a paper once it is delivered while there are other customers who will request for further revisions. If you are a customer that does not get satisfied easily, you better take advantage of our revision policy.

Below is a great deal of guidelines and requirements you will need to know before you request for further revisions:


When ordering your paper there are instructions that you originally provide. These original instructions are the ones that a writer follows when producing your paper. Once you are delivered and request for further revisions, instructions should remain identical to the original ones. You should not provide a different list of instructions. Revisions will not be done on your paper in such a case.


When in need of further revisions, a customer is required to send a revision request via respective revision section. This is to make your writer aware of the request you made. If not your writer will not be notified and the revision period might expire. If you need further revisions, make your request for your writer to be notified in good time.


Deadlines too are critical when it comes to requesting for revisions. Customers are free to ask for a revision at any time before the deadline. The deadline for a revision request usually lasts for seven days. Any revision request once the 7 days pass on receiving your paper is disqualified. Make sure you keep track of your revision order to avoid being closed out.

Important things our customers must consider as well:

Request on revisions does not entail significant changes to a paper. Customers should not expect their papers to be extremely altered. For instance; customers should not expect the length of their papers altered. Writers follow original instructions given to them by customers. Customers requesting for major changes will be requested to pay additional amounts. Feel free to request for a revision any time.

Customers requesting for a revision after 7 days whose order is marked approved are allowed to submit a new order for editing and proofreading assistance. However placing another order will mean additional payments charged due to additional work required.  For more clarification on rewriting requirements, contact our support center and you will be assisted.  

Normally all the revision orders expire within a period of 7 days. However there is an exception to dissertation and thesis papers. The revision request is up to 21 days. This is so because of the technicality of the dissertation and thesis papers.       

Feel free to make your revision request with us. Our writers are so much willing to help customers that are usually not satisfied with the first paper produced. We too encourage revisions since it is that that makes a paper better and definitely earn you better grades.